Give Back Big

 As mindful community involvement continues to be integral to the business objectives  and comprehensive outreach strategy of corporations, Brown Toy Box gives organizations the opportunity to organically engage African American families while empowering Black children. Brown Toy Box helps corporations amplify community  engagement work by providing  its audience with a measurable, tangible and compelling brand experience  to recall for years or a lifetime. To affirm the beauty and build confidence and self esteem in Black children. 

 Because representation matters so much in the toys, books, media, and the classroom d├ęcor children experience,  giving programs should be intentional about ensuring the donations consider the whole child and the impact the gift will have on his self-image.    Black and Brown children are in inundating with negative images every day so the images they experience in their homes and classrooms should be positive representations of who they are and affirm their cultural identities. 

Brown Toy Box gives corporate giving campaigns the opportunity to counteract negative images by  images.

Ways to Partner

There are so many ways to partner with Brown Toy Box and truly make the difference in a child's life. We are inundated with requests for products from classrooms, churches and other grassroots changemakers. If you want to get involved contact us to discuss opportunities to collaborate on behalf of children. We can support your CSR efforts either through programs that request support directly to us, or from programs that have a place in your heart and in an underserved community anywhere in the the US or Canada.