Brown Toy Box is working to help create a world where Black children are represented in all pillars of society and they know that they can be and achieve anything they set their minds to!

 Many Black children ages 4-12 in the US do not frequently see themselves represented in careers and hobbies that produce high salaries, economic mobility and a better quality of life.

 Because they generally aren’t as exposed or encouraged to learn about STE[A]M related opportunities, they do not believe they are capable or they simply don’t pursue these jobs as adults.


Our boxes not only include fun and interactive STEAM themed activities and toys, but we think it is important to include a book in each and every box that highlights   trailblazer from the African diaspora who has done or is currently doing awesome work in the featured field. 


That's easy. Because its important for children to positive images of people who look like them achieving and walking in their greatness. 

About our Founder

Terri-Nichelle Bradley

Wherever she is, whenever she hears a child say, "mom" she turns to respond. Momming is what she does.   

 Bradley, founder of Brown Toy Box aspires to inspire Black children who remain are rarely represented in positive ways in public spaces. Instead of focusing on the lack, or the negative she decided to be the change that she sought. With over 20 years of experience working in PR and marketing, she crafted out a specialty in marketing to African American moms. During that time Bradley would frequently hear about the need for not only representation on television and online, but also on toy packaging, in books and games. 

Brown Toy Box works to inspire Black children to pursue careers and hobbies where Black people are typically underrepresented. Launched as a subscription box, later in 2018 Bradley plans to scale the company to include apps, a full online retail shop, children’s products, and digital content, all designed to positively represent Black children.


Bradley originally from Minnesota is a graduate of Augsburg College and is the mother to D’Andre, Justin, Maya, Makayla and the family turtle, Crush.

In the News

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