Our mission is to normalize Black excellence and create prosperous career pathways for Black children through STEAM education, cultural representation and educational play.  


We will create a world where Black children see themselves positively represented throughout the spaces they experience and that they know they can be and do anything they set their minds to doing and becoming.


Because we know if Black children are exposed, encouraged and equipped to explore activities and later careers in STEAM as early learners, they will be more likely to later purse the majors in college and careers in the future. 

STEAM jobs are the careers of the future and currently Blacks make up less than 9% of that work force.  For many of the industries accounted for in STEAM, the numbers are much closer to 3-4%. 


Simply put, if you don’t see it, you can’t be it. Therefore, we are intentional about curated our boxes and marketplace in a manner that helps parents and educators easily source   toys, books, games and hand-on projects that help children to see themselves represented in STEAM.

All of our boxes include a book on a Black trailblazer or child hero, a hand-on project for children to test and learn, and some other fun activity or edible, along based on a specific STEAM theme.


Because Black children should be able to see themselves positively represented in any environment they experience regularly including their toy box, the media they consume, and their classroom.  

About Our Founder

Terri-Nichelle Bradley

Wherever she is, whenever she hears a child say, "mom" she turns to respond. Momming is what she does.   


The founder and Principal of Play at Brown Toy Box , a multimedia company producing and curating STEM   toys, media, and experience for Black children.

Prior to starting Brown Toy Box, Bradley led a   communications consultancy working with Fortune 500 companies in campaigns   designed to connect with the African American community. Prior to that,   Bradley served as the VP of Corporate, Crisis, and Public Affairs for the   world’s largest global PR agency. With over 20 years of experience working in   PR and marketing, she crafted out a specialty in marketing to African   American moms. 

Brown Toy Box is working to make STEM/STEAM   accessible, culturally representative and fun for Black children. Launched   first as a subscription box, Brown Toy Box is working to scale the company to   include apps, a full online retail shop, children’s products, and digital   content, all designed to cultivate critical thinking, curiosity, cultural   pride, and confidence.

Brown Toy Box received the 2018 Technology   Association of Georgia’s Small Business Champion for Diversity and   Inclusion.  Bradley is a Founding100 Member of the Russell Center for   Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 2019 Civic Innovation Resident. 2018 City of   Atlanta Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative Fellow and a 2018 Civic   Innovation Fellow. Bradley is also an active cheer and band mom. 

Bradley originally from Minnesota is a graduate of   Augsburg College and is the mother to D’Andre, Justin, Maya, Makayla and the   family turtle, Crush.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a need for Brown Toy Box?

Brown Toy Box wants to normalize Black excellence and prepare Black children to confidently compete in activities, and later careers in STEM/STEAM. STEAM jobs are the jobs of the future and currently Blacks make up less than 5% of people filling these positions.  We believe early exposure is the key. Brown Toy Box was created to make STEM/STEAM accessible, representative and fun.  We also believe that  Black children deserve to see themselves positively represented in the books toys, and games they play with everyday.

What's in each Box?

Each themed box contains a book on a Black trailblazer, a hand's on activity, a toy and other fun content that brings the specific STEAM theme to life while highlighting Black excellence and giving children the opportunity to confidently experiment and learn about the theme.  It was also very important to curate products not only from big brands and toy companies but to be mindful to leverage Brown Toy Box in a way that introduces new black toy designers and authors to every subscriber. We will also include information on each of the brands included in each box. How are the boxes priced?

When are packages shipped?

Boxes are shipped out once a month between the 23 and 26 of the month.

I didn't receive my package, what do I do?

Oh no! We are happy to track it for you. Please shoot us an email at fun@browntoybox.com

Does Brown Toy Box accept exchanges or refunds?

Sorry we do not exchange or accept returns. We do strive to give you the best service and the best merchandise so if there is a concern email us at: fun@browntoybox.com

How much does it cost?

Each box is $34.99 and an additional $5 for shipping. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.