Frequently Asked Questions


Why is there a need for Brown Toy Box?

Brown Toy Box wants to normalize Black excellence and prepare Black children to confidently compete in activities, and later careers in STEM/STEAM. STEAM jobs are the jobs of the future and currently Blacks make up less than 5% of people filling these positions.  We believe early exposire is the key. Brown Toy Box was created to make STEM/STEAM accessible, representative an fun.  We also believe that  Black children deserve to see themselves positively represented in the books toys, and games they play with everyday.

What's in each Box?


Each themed box contains a book on a Black trailblazer, a hand's on activity, a toy and other fun content that brings the specific STEAM theme to life while highlighting Black excellence and giving children the opportunity to confidently experiment and learn about the theme.  

It was also very important to curate products not only from big brands and toy companies but to be mindful to leverage Brown Toy Box in a way that introduces new black toy designers and authors to every subscriber. We will also include information on each of the brands included in each box. 

When are packages shipped?

Boxes are shiped out once a month between the 23 and 26 of the month.

I didn't receive my package, what do I do?


Oh no! We are happy to track it for you. Please shoot us an email at

Does Brown Toy Box accept exchanges or refunds?


Sorry we do not exchange or accept returns. We do strive to give you the best service and the best merchandise so if there is a concern email us at

How much does it cost?

Each box is $34.99 and an additional $5 for shipping. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.