Brown Toy Box 2018-19 School/Group Partnerships


Brown Toy Box is working to help create a world where Black children are represented in all pillars of society and they know that they can be and achieve anything they set their minds to!




In each enrichment box, every student participating in the program receives a culturally representative book, an interactive activity, a STE[A]M career or hobby themed toy or game, and a fact sheet in every box.

 Each delivery comes with a special teacher kit that includes a week of classroom activities.

 Each classroom receives special culturally representative decor celebrating the theme of each box.

2018-19 Enrichment Box Themes

1. Out of this World....Astronomy           

2. Under Water Wonders....Marine Biology

3. Lemonade Stand 2.0.... Entrepreneurship

4. What a Beautiful World....Museum Arts

5. Money Matters....Investing/Finance

6. Build It Babies.Architecture

7. Exploring Exercise....Swim

8. Tech it Out!..Coding and Game Development

9. Ag-Adventure.... Agricultural Sciences


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