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How Do Plants Grow


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Kelvin and his Dad were taking a walk, looking at the trees and flowers in the park. When Kelvin asked his Dad, “How do trees grow?” To which his Dad replied, “Do you really want to know?” In this Award-winning story, children will learn about the process of photosynthesis and why it is essential to life on Earth through a rhyme-filled conversation between a Black father and his curious son. Also included at the end of the story is an Explore Even More activity you can do with your children to reinforce the concepts taught in the book. Look out for this and other titles in the Young Scientist series of books which “Teaches Young Minds through Science and Rhymes” to make learning science fun and engaging for early readers (ages 3-8) Product Details Author: G.A. Sealy Series: Young Scientist series Hardcover: 36 Pages Publisher: DaWit Publishing LLC Language: English ISBN-10: 0996597840 ISBN-13: 978-0996597890 Product Dimensions: 8 x 0.1 x 10 inches Shipping Weight: 16 oz.

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